Dean of the Graham School in Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Chicago, visited EDP Center

Delivery time:2016-10-13

On 10 October, Prof. Mark R. Nemec, Dean of the Graham School in Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Chicago, visited EDP Center, Professor Bai Changhong, director of the Center and the relevant comrades gave the reception. Graham School was founded in 1890 as the first Continuing Education Institute in the United States.


Dean Bai Changhong briefed on the history of Nankai University and the development of modern distance education institute, also the Excutive Development Program (EDP) center. Dean Mark also introduced the development of the Grabham Academy, with its online education, vocational education, graduate education, other aspects of the school characteristics and their global development strategy. Graham College has rich experiences in online training, and has successful training and cooperation in Hong Kong, India and other places. The two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation, focusing on the introduction of online education courses, cooperation in the development of vocational training courses in the IT field, also the summer semester course exchange of cooperation. After the meeting, President Nemec paid visit to Siyuan Tang , Mr. Chen Shengshen’ former residence, he had taught at the University of Chicago in 1949-1960. Nemec Dean said, Chaliangyong (pen name: Mu Dan) is our common outstanding alumni, he hopes to establish deep cooperation between Nankai University and University of Chicago. In recent years, the EDP Center and the Modern Distance Education Institute have actively explored cooperation with foreign universities and associations, hoping to get on a characteristic road suited to the development of the two sides.


His trip has an interesting tidbits: during his visit of the EDP Center, President Nemec and Professor Bai Changhong found the President of the University of Chicago in one photo :Mr. Robert Haymer and Our school master GONG,  attended the Davos Global University Leadership Forum in 2014 (GULF) .


The University of Chicago is world leading private research university. It has a total of 91 Nobel Laureates. The Chinese Nobel Prize winners Yang Zhenning, Li Zhengdao, and Cui Qi received their Ph.D. degrees in physics from this University. Wu Jiping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lin Yifu, a famous economist, Lien Chan, former chairman of the Kuomintang, are all graduated from it. Obama has taught at the University of Chicago Law School. Mark Nemec has graduated from Yale University and the University of Michigan, and has taught at the University of Michigan. He has significant influence in the field of political science and higher education policy, and has lectured on several occasions at the White House Forum and the British Council's Globalization Forum.