Shenhua Guoneng Energy Group Corportation—Tianjin Port Power Plant Managers Training Workshop has been Successfully Held in Our Center

Delivery time:2016-01-13

In recent days, as 2015 Autumn Students Enrollment ended, Nankai School of Modern Distance Education local centers held opening ceremony and activity in succession.

New students entry education is the first step in our distance-education process, and it is of vital importance. Leading good entry education for new students is important for students to understand our college’s rule and fulfill their education; and it is necessary for students/students and students/teachers ‘communication. Thus, our college published 《The Management Rules of Nankai University School of Modern Distance Education Newly-entry Students 》, and we require that local study centers work as the Rules indicated.

During the entry education activities, all local study center try their best making students to have further understanding to our university, through playing Nankai Univeristy’s propaganda film、explaining our university’s historical culture. At the mean time, study centers explain related management rules in regarding to education、exam and so on, this including the way of how to use E-learning platform. Part of the study centers also arrange to select class monitors and other class leaders, in this way to set up basic class structure, thus easy to lead class activities.

Through new student education activities, students know what is E-learning and how to use right way to study online, at the same time, we delivered the strict education spirit of Nankai, and established solid foundation for students’ future study.