Dean's Welcome

Delivery time: 2016-01-21

We have been educated since we were children, school education definitely benefit s us, but it does not totally satisfy the need of modernization education. People learn little from University, while most of knowledge often gained from after-school education. We cannot stay at the original place and wish the partial knowledge could nurture us for all our lives. In today's world, science and technology advance by leaps and bounds, information is accumulated day by day, social science knowledge of all areas goes from single direction to multiple directions, and continues to develop to broader and deeper levels.

As ancient saying goes “our life is limited but knowledge is unlimited”. Lifelong study is one of the most important things in life, in current days, lifelong study represents that we live as well as study, and it also means that we grasp every second to study and apply it into practice. The essence of life-long study, as Dr. Zhu Xi said, the famous thinker in Song Dynasty in China: “Everyone needs to study of everything at every second in everywhere.” That is the correct attitude toward life and study.

Lifelong-study not only enables people to get useful knowledge and skills, it also makes our life with more colorful、our organization stays vigor and prosperous.